Here are our working dogs.

This is Jaz my trialling bitch, very well bred by Jeff Mc Andrew, Steve Jones has already made her sister up to run in the Spaniel mean feat and her litter brother has won an open Field Trial. A bit of straightening out over the summer and i hope to run her 2008/2009

This is twig born 13.05.06. at the tender age of 14 months he took second place at the Mid Sussex Novice Working Test and 4th in the Kent Novice Working Test
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This is Cedar who is Twig's dad and has been very successful at stud. He has loads of low action sweeping style and a really biddable nature.
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This beauty was bred my me and is owned by Paul Higham, very focused hunter but has certainly introduced Paul into working dogs and the shooting scene.

This is Bod our Liver Cocker Spaniel who has sired some cracking pups with real work engines, this dog will go all day flat out!
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Purdey, an English springer who's pedigree contains a lot of my original breeding. Purdey is a dual purpose dog, part of the family and works in the beating line.

Twig has a soft nature, but retains a stylish hunting drive. I hope to continue Twig's training so he can become a fully fledged member of my working team.

Drake a Cocker Spaniel, is a very trust worthy worker. A pleasure to take out shooting, picking up or beating.