We can arrange to have you dog professionally microchipped.

Dog theft is a really big issue these days and when you consider the financial aspect of bringing on a dog you do not want to lose it or have it stolen.
If you were to consider the time and effort that one puts into training a dog you will surely appreciate how valuable they are too you even ignoring the emotional side of losing a loved companion.
Dogs ARE stolen but a lot more are just lost, they go off hunting maybe chase a rabbit and get lost. When these dogs are found they will be handed in to the Police or the RSPCA.
I personally do not allow any of my dogs to wear a collar when out working for fear of them being caught up and strangulating themselves so a microchip is essential in a emergency.
Microchips are placed beneath the skin in the dogs scruff, its relatively painless and its there for life! Ignore stories of them being cut out it just does not happen!
On being found the dog will routinely be scanned by the Police, RSPCA, Kennel or Vets and your name, address and telephone number will come up onto the screen and the dog soon reunited with you.
We are able to offer your dog to be microchipped for only 15. This is extremely good value and may mean you being reunited with a loved one.