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We have moved!!!
Now we are just around the corner with our own training grounds extending to approx 6 acres including woods, white grass and a stream.

Chris will be demonstrating working dogs at, The Fun Dog Show, Tonbridge Racecourse on Sunday the 27th of July. This sounds like a fun day out, with lots to have a go at with your dog.

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Chris judged the Leconfield Working Spaniel Club's Spring Working Test and was lucky enough to witness some outstanding potential at a really fun and active club with good membership and people prepared to encourage newcomers. Good club to join!
Breezeleaf Gin wins the Mid Sussex Working Spaniel Clubs January 2013 Field Trial at Crawley West Sussex.
In a very good trial with a full field Breezeleaf Gin aka Bracken won on ice after 2 cracking runs with finds and retrieves. This confirms her quality after coming a second in her previous trail after a close run off for first place at the Meon Valley Trial.
Liz James has done exceedingly well at the Mid Sussex Working Spaniel Club Test held on the 7th Sept, with the second to youngest dog there she took a brilliant 4th place in the test and was also awarded the Wickstreet trophy. Well done Liz and Breezeleaf Fuzz.

My lovely daughter Rosie was born on the 1st September!

Another successful training day was held on Sunday 1st june at Judd Wood with a total of 20 aspiring handlers ranging from novice to intermediates, excellent catering by Ronnie and Jane and good weather. I always get really good feedback from participants so dont be shy book onto the next one and have a really great day!

They are here, we have puppies coming out of our ears!! 7 were born to Jaz at the end of March and 12 (yes thats 12 not a typo) were born to Speckles on 8th April 08. If you are interested please give me a call or send me an email.

Sunday 30th March 2008
As before I am hosting a seminar at Judd Farm Tonbridge for all breeds of gundogs which will cater from pups to experienced with the chance of some work on game. Cost will be 25 to include lunch and drinks and the day will start at 9.30 and finish early afternoon. Everybody is welcome but please let us know so we can cater for the right amount.
It is planned as a fun and enjoyable day, it does'nt matter if your dog is naughty or has problems thats why we are help!
At the weekend Jaz (tyn y waun Topaz) was mated to FTCH Rytex Rolex. That is liver and white over black and white. This is an exciting mating and should be of particular interest to triallers. Jaz's liiter sister is a FTCH and her brother a FTW and both mum and dad were FTCH so from a breeding point of view these are going to be the best. They are due at the end of March 08, we will take bookings on first come first served basis, so if you want something special please give us a call or email us straight away. They will be docked in accordance with current legislation and best practice.
Sunday 17th February 2008
I am hosting a seminar at Judd Farm for all breeds of gundogs which will cater from pups to experienced with the chance of some work on game. Cost will be 25 to include lunch and drinks and the day will start at 9.30 and finish early afternoon. Everybody is welcome but please let us know so we can cater for the right amount.
It is planned as a fun and enjoyable day, it does'nt matter if your dog is naughty or has problems thats why we are help!

Tuesday 22nd January
Please check out the Lost or Stolen page onthis website. This is a very distressing event to happen so any help in reuniting would be appreciated.

Sat 12th January 2008
Sorry for not updating this page earlier but Christmas was a real rush with lots of dog work and lots of family work. Anyway Saturday I went with a very good friend (and good trainer) Andy Scott, down to Arundel for day shooting over the dogs in a walked up fashion. It is quite a small area and only really possible to work 2 dogs, but we were off and had the required on the nose flushes and seen retrieves from long white grass...perfect preparation for the forthcoming field trial.

December 8th 2007
Took Jaz out for some training with Alan Smitherman and his fast greyhound..zac accompanied by the lovely Katie with Speckles and Alfie. I was the only one with a gun to shoot over the 3 dogs and boy what an off day i couldnt hit the proverbial barn door! We started off and had 4 contact flushes on pheasant and then a woodcock and i managed to miss everything and i could see the dogs were stating to get a bit fed up. I was very pleased with Jaz's hunting and she always stepped up a gear when close to game. Last flush on a hen bird i actually shot it but then Jaz ran in (just like the trial) i was quicker and caught her before the retrieve so that was a positive. I let Alan have the retrieve and his young dog did a nice job, certainly one to watch for the future its a real speed machine! (alan..make sure he gets his nose down a bit more!)

Beating at Stonewall Park Shoot
What an awful day for rained from 9 in the morning till 6 at night with a howling wind, are we mad? Well we had a cracking day with a bag of over 70 and one drive we did not touch and the other was just a quick stir up.
dogs went well with twig doing the best, hunting with real drive, pace and style and getting loads of on the nose flushes and remaining steady. Jaz became rather hot at one point and was off after a flush of 4/5 birds but then settled down and did some good work. Buddy (Jane Fosters dog) patterned and hunted well but makes a bit of noise he had a little run off but i was able to get to him and drag him back, he is the type that has got away too much as a youngster and will need a lot of wearing down.

Friday 8th December 2007
Beating at Penshurst after a wet and windy start it turned into a nice day, good banter on the wagon as i was late having already given a cocker spaniel and his owner a lesson.
Bag was achieved and they finished up with the ducks.

December 4th 2007
Just heard I have a run in the Kent Trial at Hatch Park, Brabourne, Ashford on the 17th December, fingers and everything else crossed!

December 1st 2007
Beating at Fosters Farm Upper Hayesden.
Took out Buddy a clients dog who is very headstrong and unsteady, he has learnt to chase! and really enjoys it. Off to a bad start with a chase on a flushed bird, he has got a good nose which is typical of dogs which have been self hunting and chasing. Then we had a further 5 flushes and I was able to stop him consistantly and he watched the bird away. Then a major flush and he was off the excitement was too much, we will have to go back a stage and stop these outings in company.
Moss had his first retrieve from water ..a duck! and also a couple of pheasants and more duck, his confidence is certainly growing.
I had wanted to swap dogs over a bit more but this shoot involves a lot of walking away from the vehicles.

Total bag was around 65 so everyone was happy as we finished before the rain started and were able to enjoy a fine steak from the barbeque with salad and pitta bread washed down with beer! What a cracking way to end the day.

November 26th 2007
Mid Sussex Field Trial at Cocking
Wow what a mixed day! After a 2.5 hour drive to the ground it was nice to catch up with a lot of friends and make some new ones, spaniel trials are very welcoming and theres always plenty of help and advice for new comers. I was very surprised to hear that i also had a run with Jaz who was a reserve being drawn at 23!
He has always been a silverware dog and i had high hopes as the ground suited him..lots of bramble and rough stick piles however it was not to be his day as he had 2 very long runs and not even a sniff of any game! Bad luck? he deserved more really as he finished up bleeding from everywhere as he had given his all, i am sure he thought he deserved the retrieve as a reward for his hard work.
this is a special bitch whom i have not really done enough with (lack of time) her sister and mum were both in the Championship last year!
This dog loves to hunt for herself and started off quite sticky before getting into her flow. Under John Pay she flushed a hare out of a thick briar and this was missed twice by the first gun, the second gun also had 2 at it and hit it but it ran on then tumbled over some 100 yards away, john asked if it was there i said yes..send your dog. Off she went and up jumped a cock bird! she stopped and i said leave that ..back! off she went back some 50 yards then picked up the line and followed this for some while before seeing the hare (still alive) without hesitation she picked it and was on the way back. This hare was a biggun and was almost the same size as her! little more hunting then its thank you.
Second run under Robin Laud, Well she started off with real drive again and was looking very flashy although starting to pull a little, she was reall shredding the cover up and I was just hanging on! We came to the end of the wood and had a positive flush, she stopped and watched away it was hit hard and started to come down but recovered and flew off, leave that and we continued. Then we moved to the next wood straight off and she was onto a bird hard flush on the nose(almost in the jaws!)she took 3 or 4 steps after it and watched it away, not shot at as it went over the gallery, carry on then she pulled to the limit and flushed, gun shot at it and it fell pricked about 10 yards in front of her and then ran! She ran after it!!!!! Brought it back as pleased as punch....I put the lead on!

Robin had some nice words as consolation and they did not award first place, had that hare retrieve put her in first place? who knows but i had a 3 hour drive home, never mind we will be back!

November 15th 2007
Picking up on Mereworth Castle shoot. This is a very large estate and a big bag is normally taken. I wil be taking Teazle,Willow,Cedar, Moss, Jaz, Twig and Murphy. They will be worked in a rotation system to keep them fresh and keen, its a long day and normally finishes with the ducks so the dogs need to be strong to face the cold water.
November 14th 2007
Looked on Mid Sussex web site and noticed I have a run in their Novice Trial at Cocking on 26th November with Moss and Jaz as a reserve.
November 12th 2007
Meg has come into season but I wont be mating her as I dont believe in having a bitch out of action during the season, maybe the spring!

It was Thistles birthday (above)
October 28th 2007
'Kai' or Neptune Babe as he is registered got a COM in his first ever trial at the Kent Working Spaniel Clubs Novice Cocker Trial at Brabourne Park, Ashford.
Although he is owned and handled by Lee Bonnel, I had done the very basic training and then polished him during the last 8 weeks prior to our training trip. It is worth noting that it was Lees first trial too so well done to both.
Kai had a very productive first run with on the nose flushes and 2 fine retrieves but the second was without a flush so had to rely on a passing duck for his retrieve!


October 19th 2007:
Cocker pups born to our stud dog, 2 boys and 2 girls liver/black. See For Sale-Puppies for further information.

October 21 2007:
Trip organised to Scotland to shoot over dogs in preparation for trial season and some basic training on the 'real thing'

September: Twig takes 2nd place in the Mid Sussex Working Spaniel Club Working Test, not bad considering he was the second youngest dog there being just over a year old.
A 4th place was also awarded to Twig at the Kent Working Spaniel Club at their Autumn Working Test.

August 2007: Started dogging in at Penshurst

July 2007: Article on 'Training the Burns way' is published by the Shooting Times and causes a great stir and generates a lot of interest.

June 2007: All of Jaz's pups are sold, it was a cracking litter and we have some really good looking prospects.